Monday, 14 December 2015

Wedding pictures 2015

Two great photoblogs of two of this year's weddings at Splotts Moor - check out Latitude Photography's shots of Jack and Sarah's wedding here:

and James Fear's of Nicky and John's wedding at Splotts Moor and Glastonbury Tor:

We are booked for events through 2016 and already taking deposits for 2017 - if you have something in mind for our beautiful grounds, get in touch today.

Monday, 7 September 2015

We love love.

Some choice pictures from some of this year's events at Splotts Moor, not least the flowering of (tiny) bananas on our banana plant!

We've celebrated seven weddings and an anniversary at the farm this year. Congratulations to all our 2015 couples - Gemma & Alex, Kate & Marc, Sophie & Ernie, Sarah & Jack, Emma & Jim, Tom & Liz and John & Nicky - for choosing to have your parties here and allowing us to be part of your happiness. If you have pictures of your events that you'd like to share with us, please get in touch!

The Farm is already booked up through 2016, and we're really looking forward to welcoming Amy & Matt, Hannah & Chris, Hannah & Joel, Hannah & Rich, Joanna & Luke and Elly & Chris next Summer. It's never too early to book here, if you're thinking of getting married or having any kind of celebration here in 18 months or more, let us know before it's too late!

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Mr Wilson's Second Liners at #SplottsMoor

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Well, that's a first. #SplottsMoor

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Monday, 1 June 2015

Looking forward to Summer 2015 - booking now for 2016 events!

It's always both an honour and a delight to host important moments in people's lives, and especially such happy occasions as weddings, on our Farm.

In the last twelve months we've seen Splotts Moor events featured on several wedding blogs - have a look to get a feel of how special your day can be here:

Susie and Leo by Hacker Wedding Photography
"...they mounted their ‘just married’ tandem, and did a lap of the ground past the stone circle and tree-carving of a smiling person, before gathering in the timber framed marquee unique to the venue. And what a venue."

Lou and Kev by Sian Robinson

"It had the feel of a music festival and it was just lovely..."

Pete and Hollie on the 'Festival Brides' blog
(photographed by Emma Stoner)
"...the venue is just perfect for a laid back festival wedding"

...and most recently, in Pagan Wedding Planners' top 10 Handfasting Venues 
(along with Chalice Well, Wookey Hole, and Avebury Stone Circle!)

"This is an amazing place just outside of Glastonbury. It has wonderful views of Glastonbury Tor one side and the stunning Somerset levels on the other. The owners are simply lovely and bend over backwards to give you the day you want. They have a purpose built stone circle on their land that, although it is modern, has been created with intent and love and the space is full of a gentle energy. There is accommodation in their B & B, and they allow camping if you want a “festival feel” to your celebrations. The marquee is stunning and is of a high standard, as is everything about this amazing venue. They book up for weddings very quickly so it is always good to enquire way in advance of your date."

...speaking of which, the whole of this year has been booked up for some time. We are really looking forward to welcoming more couples and partygoers onto our Farm this year. And there are just a few slots left next Summer, so get in touch now to book our grounds and purpose-built marquee for 2016!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

New photos! Weddings and the grounds

Thanks to our own Hollie and to Jenny & Alain Perrault for these photos of our wedding marquee in action, and of the gardens and grounds, respectively. Click each image for a larger version and see our Facebook for more.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Welcome to Splotts Moor

Splotts Moor Farm is a guesthouse and venue for weddings and special occasions, run by Gordon and Hilary White on the outskirts of Glastonbury.

Once part of Wick Farm where the famous old oaks Gog and Magog stand, the Splotts Moor grounds now host thousands of its own trees in twenty five acres of woodland, planted in recent years, which guests are welcome to explore.

We'll occasionally post news from the farm here, and we'd be glad if you also want to follow us on facebook - please explore the pages at the top of the site for all the details of our guesthouse, event provision and more.